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Ready to join a community of anointed women committed to seeing the Kingdom advance and each other achieve their purpose?

ELevate Scaffolding Group

Are you an anointed woman who considers herself a Kingdom mover and shaker? Do want to achieve more with your life, career and relationships? Are you someone who sets the bar high for yourself? Are you interested in becoming successful, but not at the expense of others? Are you spiritual? Do you want to engage with others in a meaningful, non threatening competitive way? Do you want to be around people looking for other like minded individual with whom you connect with, learn from, and share ideas with? Well perhaps the ELevate Scaffolding is for you! ELevate Scaffolding is the brain child of Dawn Davis Lawrence. It's primary aim is to support you through your time of personal growth, revelation, identification, transformation and transition. Why? because none of the above should be ventured alone or needs to be done alone. ELevate Scaffolding provides a warm, welcoming, challenging yet non threatening environment for you to explore, grow and discover your what, your why, your where, your when, your who and your how? Not everyone is ready for ELevate Scaffolding that's why we don't accept everyone who applies, you've got to be someone who has drive and motivation. However if you do meet the criteria

This is a great opportunity to work along side other anointed women who want to advance in their lives. You will have access to a members only area, conferences, retreats, webinars and a whole host of opportunities to assist you in discovering and living YOUR BEST LIFE.



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Do you want to take your life up a pace? Are you ready to take it to the next level, to earn more, achieve more, live your best life? Do you want to be happier, wealthier and healthier? Do you want to learn how to achieve the success you know you are capable of?

As more and more women start businesses, it can be difficult to stand out, but difficult doesn’t have to be impossible. Standing out is another way of saying branding. Many business owners think that branding is about logo’s, websites and business cards, this couldn’t be further from the truth, branding is so much more than that.
Here are a few suggestions to get you started.
Utilize Social Media
Social media can be used for so much more than keeping in touch with friends and family. Create pages for both yourself and your business on multiple social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, etc). Also, share content that shows off the things that you have to offer.  Be sure to highlight ways that you are different than your competition. For example, if you’re the only pet service in your area that provides home pooch services, be sure to mention this in your post.
Keep Your Promises
Clients and customers alike will notice when you deliver on every aspect of a promise that you make to them. Make sure that you finish everything that you start, and that you get it done in a timely manner. People remember that you were true to your word, and keep that in mind when deciding who to do business with in the future.
Go the Extra Mile
Doing more than is expected of you when working with clients or customers is a sure way to set yourself and your business apart from competitors in your field. Think of ways to offer extra services that your competitors don’t. This is an excellent feature to exploit when trying to win new customers.
Free Offers
People love free offers, in my experience, they excited about the idea of getting something for free. Consider investing in discounting products, offering free ebooks and promotional items.  This may seem as if you’re giving away something for nothing, however, people are more likely to remember you when thinking about purchasing products or services you provide. I remember giving away my ebook free, some months later on that year a significant proportion of the business came as a result of the ebook I gave away.
Listen to Feedback
Even if you are successful when you launch your business, you won’t be able to keep up with the changing landscape if you aren’t able or willing to adapt. The best businesses are the ones which adapt to market trends. it’s vital that you seize every opportunity to gather the views of your consumers. Carry out survey’s and once again ensure you have a facebook page that engages with your customers. Understand the consumer wants is always changing, it is therefore important that you keep your finger on the pulse.
Understand Your Market
Understanding what your market wants is vital to you remaining relevant. All too often I see entrepreneurs going out of business because they assume they know what the consumer wants. Only when you understand the swings and roundabouts of your market can you actually give it what it wants.  How of what you know is based on evidence and how much on is based on assumption. Getting to know your market will ensure you remain relevant.
Standing out in a crowded market can be difficult, but not impossible. Decide what you want to be known for, then begin to fine tune every aspect of that. Revisit your vision statement, measure your business against it, is your business fulfilling the vision. Look at your core values what are they? Do your staff know what they are? Does your business reflect them?  Standing out in an overcrowded market means going over and above sells to providing quality service.
To find out more about how to make your business standout feel free to inbox me dawndlcoaching@mail.com