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Ready to join a community of anointed women committed to seeing the Kingdom advance and each other achieve their purpose?

ELevate Scaffolding Group

Are you an anointed woman who considers herself a Kingdom mover and shaker? Do want to achieve more with your life, career and relationships? Are you someone who sets the bar high for yourself? Are you interested in becoming successful, but not at the expense of others? Are you spiritual? Do you want to engage with others in a meaningful, non threatening competitive way? Do you want to be around people looking for other like minded individual with whom you connect with, learn from, and share ideas with? Well perhaps the ELevate Scaffolding is for you! ELevate Scaffolding is the brain child of Dawn Davis Lawrence. It's primary aim is to support you through your time of personal growth, revelation, identification, transformation and transition. Why? because none of the above should be ventured alone or needs to be done alone. ELevate Scaffolding provides a warm, welcoming, challenging yet non threatening environment for you to explore, grow and discover your what, your why, your where, your when, your who and your how? Not everyone is ready for ELevate Scaffolding that's why we don't accept everyone who applies, you've got to be someone who has drive and motivation. However if you do meet the criteria

This is a great opportunity to work along side other anointed women who want to advance in their lives. You will have access to a members only area, conferences, retreats, webinars and a whole host of opportunities to assist you in discovering and living YOUR BEST LIFE.



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Do you want to take your life up a pace? Are you ready to take it to the next level, to earn more, achieve more, live your best life? Do you want to be happier, wealthier and healthier? Do you want to learn how to achieve the success you know you are capable of?

Influence extends reach and provides opportunities to impact more people with the vision you carry. But what is influence? Merriam Webster online dictionary defines influence as:

The power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways.

If you are to gain leverage in your given field you mustn’t under estimate the power of influence to open new doors for you. It is important that you endeavour to make your presence felt, seen, heard and known. This can be difficult in a crowded marketplace. Key to achieving this is the ability to remain fresh, passionate and unique. I will make some suggestions as to how a little later.
Now there are those who argue that women have to work harder to be considered as influential, much harder than men. This may or may not be true, but what is true is that however hard a woman has to work, that hard work will eventually pay off. Because influence, like a gentleman it will open doors, with colourful recommendations for her. Influence will give her the opportunity to impact lives positively on a bigger scale.
In fact influence will cause her to stand out of the crowd or at least put her head and shoulders above the rest.
How you know you have influence:
1. People other than your family and friends listen to and act on what you suggest
2. People follow you and want to know about you
3. People respect your views and want to make them theirs
4. People refer you to others and share what you’re doing
5. People show up in their masses when you’re involved

So how can you, as a woman grow in influence

  1. Write books and or articles about your field. This will position you as an expert.
  2. Host seminars, workshops and conferences where you speak on your subject matter.
  3. Put yourself forward for speaking engagements.
  4. Network with other experts in your field, join their conversations.
  5. Use social media platforms and post regularly. This is great way to showcase your specialism
  6. Write for magazine and papers.
  7. Make yourself more visible when and wherever possible.
  8. Get yourself on the radio or be a regular guest on podcast. Better yet create your own podcast