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Ready to join a community of anointed women committed to seeing the Kingdom advance and each other achieve their purpose?

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Are you an anointed woman who considers herself a Kingdom mover and shaker? Do want to achieve more with your life, career and relationships? Are you someone who sets the bar high for yourself? Are you interested in becoming successful, but not at the expense of others? Are you spiritual? Do you want to engage with others in a meaningful, non threatening competitive way? Do you want to be around people looking for other like minded individual with whom you connect with, learn from, and share ideas with? Well perhaps the ELevate Scaffolding is for you! ELevate Scaffolding is the brain child of Dawn Davis Lawrence. It's primary aim is to support you through your time of personal growth, revelation, identification, transformation and transition. Why? because none of the above should be ventured alone or needs to be done alone. ELevate Scaffolding provides a warm, welcoming, challenging yet non threatening environment for you to explore, grow and discover your what, your why, your where, your when, your who and your how? Not everyone is ready for ELevate Scaffolding that's why we don't accept everyone who applies, you've got to be someone who has drive and motivation. However if you do meet the criteria

This is a great opportunity to work along side other anointed women who want to advance in their lives. You will have access to a members only area, conferences, retreats, webinars and a whole host of opportunities to assist you in discovering and living YOUR BEST LIFE.



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Do you want to take your life up a pace? Are you ready to take it to the next level, to earn more, achieve more, live your best life? Do you want to be happier, wealthier and healthier? Do you want to learn how to achieve the success you know you are capable of?

This isn’t about the battle if the sexes, as far as I’m concerned there should be no such thing. Because when we get it right, we compliment not conflict with each other.
Nonetheless there are some things that women will waste their time and energy over that most men simply don’t. As a result of this women often can become decidedly more unhappy than men.
Here we go:
1. Owning other peoples attitude – All too often women allow themselves to become entrenched, confused and often distraught by people’s bad attitude to the point where they begin to own it. Men on the other hand generally couldn’t give a rats hind part! ?. They recognise it for what it is and move on.

Ladies remember the only attitude you’re responsible for is yours! Stop getting caught up with anyone else.

2. Wanting to be liked – Most women won’t admit it, but they want to be liked. And so without really realising it overwork, over care, over think, over love and generally over do stuff.
While most men live their lives on a “if you like me that’s good, but if you don’t, you don’t.”
If you’re coming home exhausted home regularly it’s possible that you’re trying too hard to be pleasing which throws you into a spiralling of trying to prove your worth.

Stop it! Your worth isn’t based on opinions.

3. Worrying about getting old – everyone’s getting old, even the baby born yesterday. But women can find often find themselves overly worry about it. This might because she feels it having a negative impacting on her looks, or her weight, and her health. Men on the other hand generally take ageing in their stride. They appear more accepting of it. Some may play it out by buying a sports car or by dating a younger woman, but on the whole they roll with it.
Ageing can be difficult for many women to accept. However ageing is the natural process of life. It can’t be slowed down or avoided just respected, prepared for and enjoyed. You can do this by eating healthily, getting enough sleep, ensuring that you have a social life and exercise.

Don’t stop doing what makes your soul sing because you’re ageing!

4. Telling all her secrets to a best friend – I don’t know why it is, but it’s far more frequent that women get caught out with this than men. Perhaps because women are generally more caring and forthcoming on the whole than men and as a consequence more trusting?
Yes of course men have best friends but their relationships are more about what they DO together as opposed to what they share with each other.
Clearly there isnt anything wrong with sharing, but when it gets to the point where someone knows so much about you that you begin to feel exposed, it’s time to pull in the boundaries.

Not all best friends will behave the best with what they know about you.

5. Not prioritising her needs – again this maybe because women tend to be more caring than men. This can often lead to she makes the mistake of putting everyones needs before herself. And as a consequence leaving her drained and dejected.
Men on the other hand have a great way of doing what they like, going where they want, simply putting themselves first. We hear of men caves when guys get to chill often in the garage or basement, but I’ve never time heard of a woman cave.  ?

When guilty feelings associates with you prioritising you, it’s an indication that you’re not doing it enough