Things Are Not Always What You See

Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many.

One day a farmer finds and captures a beautiful white stallion.  All the neighbors gather to congratulate him: “How fortunate you are.  God has blessed you.”  The next day his son attempts to ride the horse, falls off, and breaks his leg.  All the neighbors gather to commiserate with the farmer: “What a shame.  God must be displeased.”  The next day the soldiers come to take every able-bodied man into the army.  Because the son has a broken leg, the soldiers leave him alone.  The neighbors gather to congratulate the farmer: “how fortunate you are.” God has blessed you.”

I do not for moment seek to suggest that there no bad events, because clearly there are incidences that occur j. Life that no good can be found in it.

However we must resist the temptation of judging based on the little we understand. Because in any given moment, we really don’t have all the information to definitively say “I know.” This is because what we thought we know today, can become what we are puzzled about tomorrow.

The best thing to do is to open our minds to new possibilities. When you begin to recognise that things are rarely what we see, but what we think we see, things begin to change.


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