3 Ways to Overcoming Negative Criticism

Criticism can be difficult to take, even when its constructive criticism, it still can be difficult to swallow, particularly if you’ve put your best foot forward and it hasn’t been received well. Regardless of who you are or what you’ve achieved, Criticism can knock ones confidence if negative or given without care.

So how do you overcome negative criticism? Here’s 5 ideas to help you along:

1. Don’t take it to heart. I don’t know why women take criticism so hard, maybe because women can be quite emotional, and generally quite trusting. However the only way negative criticism can hurt you or knock you of course, is if you absorb it and allow it to soak in.

2. Learn from it. One of the best ways I’ve have found to overcome negative criticism, regardless of how harsh or damning is to learn from it. When you consider life one big learn curve, you’ll begin to see lessons everywhere. Perhaps the lesson might be “Not all voices are worth listening to” or “You can measure how well you’re doing, better you do, the more negative criticism you engender”

Catch my drift? Learn lessons, rather than lamenting life. Negative criticism is quite simply a fact of life.

3. Learn then rise… Once you learned the lessons you need to learn from negative criticism, don’t wallow, swallow and rise. Rise up armed with a new level of understanding. Remember whatever you gain knowledge in, you become a master to, not a servant. When you allow negative criticism to put you down in the dumps, you are allowing yourself to be a servant.


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