10 ways to get past discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement

Ignore those who say that they never feel down. We’re surrounded by messages on positive thinking because so many battle with discouragement. So what can you do when feel as though you’re living under a cloud, and everything seems pointless and hopeless?

1. Ask someone you respect if they ever feel discouraged. You’ll be surprised by how common, and how normal, it is. Listen to how they deal with it.

2. Acknowledge how you feel – as it’s better to be real than to swallow your emotions and pretend that things are fine.

3. Encourage someone else … and see the difference it makes. It will not just help them, you will feel better, too.

4. Get some exercise. Exercise releases the “feel good” hormones (endorphins) so you’ll feel less depressed, and you’ll have more energy.

5. Set some short term goals, and then work to reach those goals. There’s nothing like success for improving how we feel.

6. Focus on the things that you naturally do well – to remind yourself, again, of your talents and your strengths.

7. Talk to a friend. There nothing worse than feeling isolated and alone. But spending time with others can raise your self-esteem. Also, it puts things in perspective and your problems start to shrink.

8. Reward yourself, or do something you enjoy. You deserve to be nurtured, affirmed and treated well. When you’re battling your feelings you need that extra boost.

9. Journal how you feel. It’s highly therapeutic to express what’s on your mind.

10. Take a break and rest. Feeling worn out and discouraged can sap your energy. You need to stop, be refreshed, and have your energy restored.photo-1488557758410-8f12c8860f11


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