10 ways to get past hurt

Hurt is a fact of life, everyone gets hurt, it’s unavoidable. To my mind it’s not so much that you were hurt, but how you deal with the hurt. All too often we allow ‘hurt’ to get the better of us. We allow it to warp out thinking and diminish our lives. Yet hurt doesn’t have to be where we become bitter, but rather better. So here’s a list of 10 ways to get past hurt:

1. Don’t blame, it disempowers.

2. Don’t deny your hurt, denial causes pent up anger. And won’t up anger when released can cause damage.

3. Don’t keeping putting yourself in a place where you can continually hurt.

4. Get angry, but don’t try to get even. You’ll end up hurting yourself

5. Don’t mope about, move on

6. Give yourself time.

7. Forgive, but don’t be foolish with your forgiveness.

8. Don’t be drawn into futile discussions, or talk that doesn’t admit, or apologise

9. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

10. Accept apologies and move on with your life.


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