13 ways to get out of a rut


Are you in a rut and unsure how to get out? Ruts are horrible places, easy to fall into, hard to get Our off. Often they are of our own making too, which can make it difficult to identify or admit. However the way to start the process of defeating a rut is to admit that you’re actually in one. Understand that you can have faith and still be in a rut. Be a avid church goer but still be a rut. Have opportunities all around you but still be in a rut. Why because Rita begin in our minds and manifest in our lives experiences.

Here’s are some tips for breaking free:

1. Have faith, believe in change

3. Recognise that ruts don’t just happen

4. Identify the behaviour that got you there

5. Ask yourself whether you’ve been there before, if you have you may well be dealing with a destructive habit. Ask yourself. What’s the underlying thought that’s empowering my behaviour?

6. Don’t complain about the rut, change the behaviour

7. Ask for help where necessary

8. Stop excusing yourself… Excuses have a way of digging you further into a rut

9. Start prioritising.

10. Make yourself accountable to someone whom you respect, is strong and wants the best for you

11. Stop looking at what was, and start working on what can be.

12. Don’t get comfortable where you are, use your frustration to force you to change

13. Have a vision of who and where you want to be, and do something everyday that aligns to that .


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